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on 15 May 2018

The Role Of Branding


As like humans, brands too have some personality traits. Every small and big corporation can get the benefits of brand personality- a unique branding strategy. Branding agency in Ahmedabad implements this strategy to help small business and even startups. The loyalty of customers towards a particular brand is sometimes the personality traits that attract them and to which they can relate. The traits that customer look in brands are competence, excitement, sincerity, sophistication, desirability.

Here is how your brand personality can help in the marketing of your brand.

Differentiates your brand from the competition

First, you need to know the perfect target audience for your brand. Now, the actual success is presenting something out of the box and for this, you need to show brand personalities that help you stand out of the competition. If you are targeting youth, the brand must be reflecting the excitement traits and for elders, it must be reflecting sincerity. Thus, different traits can help in targeting multiple audiences with the same product.

Communicate good traits about your brand

Trust and desirability are two traits that can bring huge success to your brand. Customers like to get exclusive things and keeping their desire in mind if you represent it in a unique and exclusive way. Trust is a perfect emotion that builds a strong connection between customers and brand. Make them feel you are the right one.

Form an emotional attachment

Personal attachments are sometimes the best things to market your brand. Emotions like kindness and family relations will attract families the most. Status is what matters for most of the people but people who love to be cool do exist. And sometimes, the tag “cool” can form an emotional attachment with a group of people, the perfect audience for your brand. This is the strategy that Adidas, Nike, and many other brands used to target youth.

Help the customers to form sustained relationships with your brand

Show your traits and let people identify you with the personality and not only the product. As like Apple did to launch their new product, mac, where this new product was differentiated from the traditional PC on the basis of traits. The customers have the right to decide what traits they want and as a brand owner, you should implement the traits to let customers choose you.

Convey your brand’s message

Your brand personality should convey the core message of your brand that can help your audiences to connect with you. The message conveyed by “Complan” was that it can help your kid with length. Some of the parents, but all kids believed this and the brand strategy worked here perfectly.

Set a tone for your brand

The tone of your brand should also reflect the core message. Either it is linked to fun or sincerity, the message should be in the tone too. Work on your products, find the targeted audiences and decide traits according to the audience because the traits will bring customers to you.

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