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on 03 Jan 2018

Tips for Choosing the Best Graphic Design Company

A picture speaks a thousand words. To get the best graphics, people hire graphic designers and there are plenty of good graphic design companies and logo design companies in Ahmedabad and other cities in India. This article is going to highlight ten tips essential in choosing the perfect graphic design company for your brand.

Total Experience of the graphic design company

The number of years of experience has a huge impact on the quality of the deliverable. An experienced graphic designer can come up with a quality output at a shorter span of time and can be more cost effective.

Ability to deliver high quality outputs

This is a must have. Expert graphic designers have a set system in place so that newcomers can grasp easily. A good graphic design company will have several layers of monitors and checks which gives customer satisfaction

Working Process

A set procedure and work flow is mandatory in any good company. This helps in good time estimation and quality delivery. Also, the graphic design company must work in tandem with your requirements and understand various know-hows regarding your brand and the target audience.

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Ability to supply the deliverables on time

This would be of utmost priority for any agency. A good graphic design company would not only design your logo but also all creatives around campaigns such as banners and leaflets to keep up with the theme. A campaign or an event has a lot of stakeholders involved and CANNOT be postponed because of delayed creatives.

Ability to handle bulk order

Another important measure is the size of the company and its capacity to handle multiple clients and multiple projects at the same time. It is important to understand that the company will have multiple clients (all are equal in their eyes) and each company will have important and urgent requirements. Many young firms do not have the ability to juggle many projects at the same time and bulk order handling management is an important check.

Work Portfolio

It is important to check the logo design work portfolio of the company you decide to engage with. Prior work done by the company and client database will give you insights on the creativity and you can gauge the performance of the company by checking the objective and requirements mentioned in the brief.

Quality of the sample or free trial work

What works for me, may not work for you. One graphic design company may do excellent work on a particular target segment or a type of products but need not necessarily excel in your genre. Trial work is mandatory to check the quality of the sample work.

Authenticity of the company

This is another mandate to be checked. You need to do a quick verification to decide on who would you give the blueprints of your company logo or other creatives to and the genuineness of the company or the designer.

Payment terms and refund policies

This is one tricky part always. Both parties must be clear on the terms and conditions in terms of requirements, deliverables, timelines and payments. Money can create certain confusions and clarity must be obtained on charges related to additional requirements or edits. The refund policies must be clearly stated if either company does not adhere to the documentation.


Last but not the least, this is another condition which should be binding. A graphic design company cannot divulge critical information about one company to another. It cannot sell data or mention important strategic decisions of your company to its competitor. This has to be made clear upfront so that the designs and creatives are not similar to the competitors as well.

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