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on 28 May 2018

When your brand is performing good, you might be thinking to expand its geographical limits. You could want it to grow in another city, country or even continent, depending on the present condition. Branding agency in Ahmedabad suggests that before you take final steps towards selecting next business location, it is better to have a complete understanding of the market and a good number of customers.

Every business owner who is doing good must check out the following steps to grow their business beyond the limits of local business.

Consistency and standardisation

Whatever is the type of your business, standardisation is an important step when you want to make it global. The ethics, promises, and the message that you conveyed in starting must remain the same to look true and credible. Moreover, the speciality of your brand that helped in success must remain same, like if you are a restaurant owner then the taste that was loved and helped in success must remain same. The brand Numero Uno has topped the list in this case and that’s what helped the brand to break all records.

Localisation strategy

Keeping same taste and same brand are different things but mixing your brand with local market is another thing. China is a tea-loving country and that’s what prevent Starbucks from selling as much coffee as it can in other countries. They focussed on tea more and thus the brand became successful here too. The food industry is highly based on localisation industry because the taste and choices of people vary from place to place. Most of the food brands keep separate menus for different countries and this step has been a good one always. However, other types of businesses like clothing, cosmetics, and many others can also get the benefit of this strategy.


Customer Reach

When you are entering any new location, make sure the people recognise you. Adidas is a name which everyone wants to see in their local market. Before moving to another place, either you must be already recognizable or take the help of social media and other methods to let customers know about your presence. Only supply chain wouldn’t help in making your brand successful in that place too. And if your brand is something which people are already waiting for then just spread the news. Let people know, what you are offering and why should they choose you over other local brands.

Research and penetration

Understanding the interests and choices of your new market will be highly beneficial for you. It will help you present the model in a modified way according to the new market. Car models like Toyota apply the same strategy. Most of them introduce country-specific models and these models are successful most of the times. Explore the new market, modify your product without forgetting the promises, take the help of social media, and penetrate the new market. Make sure you are enhancing your strengths with modification.

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