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on 04 Jun 2019

We tend to overlook the packaging, thinking that if the quality of the product is good, nothing else matters. But, the thing is, with so many innovative packaging designs for similar products, your product keeps on striving for the first take. Every graphic design company in India has started focusing more on packaging design and material. The packaging design must be innovative, and the packaging material must be complementary for the product. You can’t pack poisonous things in packaging that could attract kids, because that will bring disaster as happens with Colgate’s cleaner “Fabuloso”. From size to labeling and packaging, there is a process that every designer needs to follow. Here is all that you must know about the process of packaging designs.

Packaging Design

The Right Print

Prints have a significant influence on packaging design. You must know the limitations of your printer before choosing colors for your packaging design. For instance, a printer with 5k colors limitations will not give the desired output when the design has 6k colors. Even the resolution needs to be compatible with your design. Also, the designer must know what ink the paper will absorb and how long it will last.

Get The Right Material

First of all, it’s about quality. You need to choose a material that could preserve the product. The next thing is you have to be as economical as you can. Make sure the packaging design is environment-friendly or at least reusable, especially if aware, conscious people are your target. Moreover, don’t use too much material, understand the need for the product, and go for the least possible. With the fast degrading resources, we can’t afford wastage.


Styling totally depends on your customers. Big popped out words and cartoons go best for kids coz they love the fun. On the contrary, the product for adults are more inclined towards maturity and seriousness. What you pack in the packaging also matters a lot, because it will be shown outside too. If there is a nice shaped product, style your packaging according to that. It will work, especially for kids.  

Shine Classy

The time had gone when shine was linked with better. Nowadays, when we are moving towards more sophisticated and simply elegant designs, shining has gathered second place. You don’t always have to make the packaging shine too much; a bright color will also do the trick. A crax “Natkhat” for kids uses silver shine over yellow packaging, and that’s in trend for years now, but the simple bright yellow packaging of Maggi is also accepted with love.

Packaging Design

Pleasing Typography

The typography must be eye-catching and easy to read. As we do in simple writing, the space between letters is less than the space between the words. The same should go here. We want to make the letters look smart, but that doesn’t mean we place them far apart from each other. Balance the size, shape, and space.

Mind The White Space

Managing white space has always been a crucial aspect of designing. The core emphasis lies on eye concentration. The name of the product is usually on top, and you can’t bring that to the bottom straightaway, mid will also work well. Make sure there is space, but that must not be the center of attraction.

Clutter- Bye Forever

Have you seen clutter accepted anywhere in the world? No, then why here. Go minimal because less is more. That rule for girls, remove one of your accessories while walking out will also work for packaging. Eliminate one or your decors from the packaging before finalizing.

Stay Ahead Of Trends Smartly

Googles are cool, and black outfits are hot. Trends will be hot and cool both, and you need to stay ahead of both. You don’t have to be reasonable, new trends come as innovation for new people. Be stable and keep yourself updated. Being trendy will cost you a lot if you forget that stability is also something.

Emotional Pitch

Too low voice goes unheard in the crowd, and when you are too loud, you are ignored. Create a balance, and speak naturally after you grab attention. Strike the right people, not everyone wants to hear from you.

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