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on 23 Apr 2019

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The packaging designing and labels have gained more and more importance in the present time, and with that, the need to come up with innovative ideas has also increased. The branding agency in Ahmedabad agrees to the point that graphic designers have to fulfill the demands by racing their creativity. For such designers, here are some smart tips to come up with something crisp.

Develop Useful Packaging

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Packaging designs that can be reused after using the product are appreciated more than the simple ones. For example, a durable bottle with drinks, and cute boxes with beauty products are always reused. Toy shaped packaging for kids favorites will also work well.

Product Friendly

Whatever the product is, the packaging should be comfortable for the product so that the customer can make the best use of what they have purchased. The burger boxes are made such in a way that someone can eat even without a plate; the box can be opened as a plate.

Special Editions

Indians are crazy for IPL. Something specific to IPL will eventually gain loads of publicity. Launching special editions for a limited period will increase sales to a large extent.

Break The Rules, But Sensibly

There are some specific rules for each kind of products like toothpaste comes in tubes. You can break the rules to introduce your product, but you should be in senses. You can’t fill toothpaste in a bowl like a box because it won’t be comfortable to use.

Keep It Simple

form Byte tatest of purity

Packaging designs and labels need to be creative, but that doesn’t mean you do everything that comes to your mind. Overdoing will only spoil the look, and that’s why it is advisable to keep the packaging design as simple as possible. Remember: less is more!

Go With The Trend

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Trends and campaign are always live on social media platforms and are a great way to market your products the right way. You can incorporate them while designing your labels and packaging designs to create a better connection with your customers.

Understand The Comfort Of Customers

As a child, I always wanted biscuit packagings that could be closed after eating half the packet. The comfort of the consumer is essential, and that’s why you should always consider it while introducing your packaging. Believe me; this is going to do loads of good for your sales.

Punch Humour With The Punchline

Remember that punchline “tedha hai par mera hai” from Kurkure? Humour can do something that nothing else can do. Kurkure introduced the new taste and with this packaging and it turned out well.

Add Fun

Camelus Camel Milk Powder Mango flavour

You can design a funny packaging design to introduce your product for better response. The best example is hanger tea bags that not only add a fun element with the t-shirt print with a hanger but make the product comfortable to use as well.

Complimentary Packaging

What’s inside the package is not going to change, and that’s why there is no competition between the cover and product. You can make it as usable and creative as you can. Providing receives on spices packs and cooking instructions on semi-cooked food makes the packaging complimentary.

Make It Handy

Products that have something to pick the product are loved more than the others. You can make your packaging design handy with something like grooves or handles.

Choose Colors That Stand Out


Choose a color that complements your product. The color should be linked to what you offer plus it should make your business stand out among others. In the future, your product packaging will be recognized from the color.


Picture of item inside is widespread, but what is more influential is letting your customer see what’s inside the package. Leaving some transparent parts at the packaging will make your customers more than happy.

Scope And Safety

The most important thing is keeping the opportunities open for the future. You must keep the packaging within the scope of extensibility so that you can introduce new products in the future. Moreover, it is best to keep the safety measures of the product in mind. For example, air-tight packaging must be considered for edible products.

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