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on 05 Nov 2018


Well, hiring a graphic design company in Ahmedabad can be a daunting task if you are not aware of the factors you should consider before hiring one. In today’s digital world, a graphic designer is the one who helps you to stand out your brand in the market. Uniqueness is the key factor when it comes to leaving a lasting impression of one’s product or services.

The graphic design companies help businesses to achieve their goals. It is a good practice to hire a graphic designer for the business but at the same time, you should ensure that they understand your business well and they know what are their key roles and responsibilities. Often, we find our clients worried to hire the services of a graphic design company. As a result, today we are here with some questions that you can ask the graphic design company in Ahmedabad much before hiring it.

  1. Look at the portfolio of the company and ask, “what was your creative role when you accomplished those projects?”

The first thing you would do is to check the company’s portfolio. Once you look at it, your concern should be to understand what was its creative role while doing the client’s project. Moreover, you can also ask about the timeline within which the project was completed.

  1. Your clients are happy with your design but can you show me the results?

Your focus should always be on the quantitative results. The company should have figures ready to present them to you. The return on investment is the key and if the company is not able to satisfy you with its previous results, it is better that you move on.

  1. Please brief about the graphic design process you follow.

For most of the graphic design companies, their process is what sets them apart. Nevertheless, their process should not be complicated and it should be easy to understand. They should be able to clarify the most complex of their processes to you.

  1. Which is the team that will work on my project?

It is imperative that you meet the team who will be working on your project. You need to know who are the individuals designing your brand and if in case you need their help in the future, you can connect with them directly. Get the full names, titles, and responsibilities of each individual in the team.

  1. Why are you charging me this amount for my project?

Next, we come to the quotation of the company. You should do enough research before coming down to a few options. When the company places its quote in front of you, you should ask why are they charging more or less as compared to other companies in the market.

  1. How will you go further with the post-project follow-ups?

A graphic designer’s work is not finished after the project is over. In fact, the actual work starts from here. There will be plenty of follow-up calls from the client and you as a client should ask the company how will they keep you informed later.

After you have the answers to the above questions, you will be placed in a better situation to decide on the graphic design company in Ahmedabad you are going to hire.

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