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on 23 Jul 2018


A logo is not just a picture, it is the identity of your business. Branding agency in Ahmedabad says that a logo is much more than a simple graphic design. A logo is a short introduction to your brand. Here are some rules to design an effective logo.

Start with preliminary work

Make rough drawings on paper of all the ideas the pop in your mind. You can also search for some logos of similar businesses to have a clear view of what you need in your mind.

Keep it balanced

Make a perfect blend of size, shape, color, and graphics to introduce something appealing and impressive. However, you can sometimes break this rule if the logo still looks good.

Size must be perfect

The logo of a brand is used in various places and the size can vary each time. The logo must look equally defined and elegant in all sizes. For an idea, try putting yourself it on different things like envelopes and posters.

Do magic with colors

Usually, it is advised to use warm colors for better visibility. Warmer colors look more appealing to eyes than brighter ones. Also, try to evoke the right feelings by using the right colors.

The design must compliment the company

Know your client and research about the services and audience to design the right one. Every business or company have different ethics and that’s why something different needs to be created for all of them.

Typography also matters

If text needs to be included in the logo, you need to be experimental with fonts. Use some uncommon fonts but make sure they are looking good. If you love mixing fonts try to avoid mixing more than two.

Don’t forget the goal

The goal of a logo is recognition. The logo must let the viewer instantly recall the name of the brand in mind. The best way is to add the full name of the brand if possible.

Don’t fear to be different

Creating something different will only help you stand out from the crowd of designers and your client too. Don’t copy the style of your competitors, be innovative and make your own style.

Make it simple

Simple things are easy to remember. A simple logo will make the brand name more recognizable and that’s what the core motive of designing a logo is. Keep this rule in mind from the start to end up with a clear and simple logo.

Don’t trouble with effects too much

You have too many powerful tools but there is no need to go for them. You need to keep our logo simple and you must keep that in mind.

The assembly line

Developing our own process of designing will help you with high-quality logos. Make an assembly line or say step b step guide to follow each time.

Don’t be a copy “cat”

The logos designed by others must be used for inspiration purpose only. Get some hints and ideas but never copy others because a logo must be unique.

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