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on 20 Aug 2018

If you are an entrepreneur, you might also be dealing with confusion. Should you expand your offering or narrow them and improve. Let’s take it in a simple way. Everyone loves multitasking, but the results are not always right. The same can be implemented here too. When we focus on fewer things and try to improve them, the results are better. What branding agency in Ahmedabad says is that make best of you better to reach your primary goal.

If you try to think of this matter, being a customer, you will find it right. You discuss with your friends about a specific coffee shop where the taste is fantastic. You always prefer the one which has good quality even if serves a single dish rather than the one which has more variety. When it comes to choosing services, we always prefer quality then how could you manage to grow while focusing on quantity instead of quality.

If you try to understand it with one of the successful brands, you need to go to their roots. What they are now is the result of many decisions, and those decisions are the only way to find your answer. Consider Domino’s as an example. They used to sell pizzas, sub sandwiches, and many more things. But then they changed their strategy. They narrowed their brand and instead of expanding there dropped sub sandwiches and concentrated only on pizzas and the result are in front of you. Only narrowness can’t do everything alone, and that’s why you need to focus on below things.

Creativity and innovation







When you focus on just one or two things, you will have enough time to think something out of the box. While you can improve the quality of your services, you can stand out of the competitions by presenting something for the first time or something better than before. Better is appreciated but something for the first time brings more hits because everyone wants to give a try to something new. Adidas started from sports shoes for athletes and today; you know what they offer. They started from one and expanded at the right time.

Creating association

Creating an association in the mind of your customers can benefit you in many ways. Multiple aspects of a brand can create a lot of confusion which takes away the customer’s attention. When you narrow down the focus of your brand and limit it to one or two products, it aids association because the customers have something good without confusion. The best example is Dolce and Gabbana, a high fashion brand.


Try to create a better pleasant experience for your customers. From initiating the purchase to the completion of shopping, provide services that make them your fan. Apple is one of the most expensive brands but still, whenever a new launch is out, people grab it in no time. And this all is because of there before, after, and during the process services.

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