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on 04 Jun 2018

The marketing concept is usually considered as a cost centre and not a mode to drive sales. Branding and marketing have a thin line of difference amongst them. They hardly differ, and different people have different opinions about these concepts. Branding is something very vital for enhancing the worth of your products. You can always look up for a branding agency in Ahmedabad to opt for an affordable way to get your business reaching heights. Continue reading to get an exact scenario of how marketing and branding differ from each other.

The marketing concept

Talking about the marketing concept, it is basically a tool that business people use for promoting their product and services. It is a pushing tact that comes into play to get sales for their business.  When sales associates visit your house and keep on repeating the same lines of buying their products because of this quality, that quality, its service, etc., etc., etc. This is what actually marketing is, making the person in front of you to buy the product is marketing.

Branding concept

Branding does not have a pushing effect but pulling up effect. Branding is actually making your customers trust about the brand and credibility of the product that they are buying. Branding is one step ahead of the marketing efforts made by the salesperson. Branding is the truth or the credentials and values that should be known to the customers in lieu of the products that are being sold. Branding clarifies the attributes, characteristics, and benefits of the product rather than simply selling them off. A brand is actually the factor which motivates a buyer to stick to that particular product and return back to the same product when they need it the next time.

Strategical and tactical constraint

Branding holds a more prominent platform in comparison to the marketing efforts made by the salespeople. Marketing can render a helping hand for the branding part, but the brand is what remains when marketing sweeps of the room. The brand stays in your mind forever thus the branding concept is a strategic one whereas marketing is a tactical concept.

Branding makes the customers and marketing activates the customers

Every business may have their own unique ways of selling their products. Their actions, policies, advertisements may differ from their competitors and may have different effects on inspiring a customer to buy their products and services. Branding is the secret behind the loyalty of a customer to buy the same products again and again whenever they require them whereas marketing is the process which activates a customer to buy the product for the first time.

Branding defines the future of a business

Branding may require investment on the basis of having good strategists, good employees, experts, etc. and can cost you a good amount but not having them in your business can be a much costly affair. They are the ones who can help you generate leads for your business, and if you don’t have your experts, then you will only have people to market your goods but not getting customers who will stick to your product forever.

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