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on 01 Oct 2018

Understanding trends

We never know how any trend will perform. Some of them can manage to be in the light for years, and some might fail even in the one go. The driving force behind these trends is design, and that’s where graphic design service in India may be helpful.

By design, we mean both graphic and packaging design. Packaging design is made attractive to present it to customers, and the graphic design is made to deliver the marketing message.

The packaging design stands for the quality of the product and helps in creating a good impression on the customer. The graphic design is prepared to establish a unique image of the brand. While it is essential to plan a new model every time, the designers can look at some existing trends to get some inspiration and ideas.

Here are some of the tips that can help every designer:

Transparent packaging

This one is especially for food items. What you show on your packaging is not enough to convince the customers. Transparent packaging will let your customers see the product and make a more frequent decision. You should let the customers know how the product has been processed. They add ethicality which builds the trust of the customer in your brand.

Adopt illustrations

Making a human connection with hand-drawn graphics and icon is the next most significant trend. The designers follow this trend to create an organic effect. The handmade designs add an emotional touch which distinguishes it from the digital designs. Irregular lines and designs are seen to connect better with the audiences.

Convey your brand message

While it is not uncommon to see brands revealing their identity with their packaging design, the new experiment is much broader. The design is now used to narrate a story with which the customers can relate to. It delivers a message and a fantasy that drives people to buy the product.

Go vintage

Evoking that nostalgic feel is not new, but it won’t be old too. The advancements in technology will never be able to fade the charm of going vintage. The only thing that a designer needs to keep in mind is the balance of sharpness and modernity which is necessary.


The logo design must be simple and easy to recognize. Also, it should be responsive and capable of adjusting according to the size of the browser. Usually, startups go for vector-shaped and big logos, but as soon as the brand becomes recognized, they simplify it.

Cinemagraphs in graphics

The use of still pictures in the form of gifs is increasing because if the lack of time. Visual things grab attention faster and that’s why logos and packaging covers are designed. The images with minor movement effectively deliver the marketing message.

Modular layout

Breaking up the information into chunks to look more professional is only possible with modular layout. It makes your brand more manageable and professional. More people will feel connected and interactions will be greater too.

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