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on 08 Nov 2017

the importance of graphic design in social media

The growth of visual content on the internet by the marketer from the year 2015 to 2016 has been a whopping 130%. The statistics for the year of 2017 are expected to be even more vibrant and growing.

The dominance of graphic designing as a field is also pretty evident. Search for a Graphic design studio in Ahmedabad, and you will find a huge list. While graphic designs have started conquering almost all content marketing channels, one channel that they have had the most impact on is social media. 74% of the social media marketers say that they use graphics and other visual content more than anything else for SMM. So, why this craze for graphic content?

How and why is graphic designing important in social media?

1.  The Rising Generation Is Obsessed with What Is Flashy.One special quality of social media users of the new generation is that they seem to be really interested in unique visual content. 41.5% marketers believe that their social media audiences are best engaged by original and unique infographics. This peculiar interest of social media users in graphic content can be used as a strong marketing tool. Try getting professional graphic design service in Ahmedabad and you will get some interesting and useful content for your target audience.

2.  Capture Your Audience’s Attention.A lot of recent eye-tracking studies of social media users have given astonishing results. According to these studies, the original infographics are amongst the first elements that catch the attention of users. Such studies show that if you are a social media marketer, graphic designs are the best way to attract your audience’s attention and communicate to them.

3.  Communicate Your Message Quickly.The old saying of ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is relevant even in the case of social media marketing and graphic designing. Instead of writing a huge blog, you can also create infographics that would communicate just the same information but in a quicker way. Users even prefer this form of content better. This is because it is eye-catchy as well easy to understand and comprehend. Especially when you are working with social media marketing, you need to provide content that can be understood quickly.

4.  Graphic Design Creates Professional Images.Creating graphics is relatively easier these days. There are many online and offline tools which help you create a basic design. However, when we talk about graphic designing here, we are referring to professional designs. By working with professionals, you can have more creative and innovative graphic content. Such graphics are also more distinguishable and stay unique to your brand.

5.  Get Your Content SharedWhen a social media marketer posts a content online, he/she also aims to reach newer people who can be the potential clients. Creating shareable content is one way of going about it. Here’s an interesting fact about content sharing on social media! Social media users share infographics 3 times more than they share any other type of content. This makes it pretty evident that graphics are the most shareable form of content for social media.

Graphic designing is a wonderful method of growing and engaging your audience on social media. But for doing it successfully, you need to work with professionals. When you search for a graphic design company in India, you may find a huge list. But before you start working with any of them, always make sure that they can produce unique and innovative graphics for your website.


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