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on 27 Feb 2023

These days, customers are bombarded with a chunk of options because every company is trying to allure them with some images. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to create and establish your brand strongly in front of your target customers. Your brand should be convincing, eye-catching, and innovative so that the customers can connect with it easily. Here enters an expert and professional graphic designer who will transform your company’s product or message into a cohesive visual design that can evoke the emotions of your customers.

Graphic Design

If you want to establish your brand in the market, you can hire a skilful and dexterous graphic designer from a reputed graphic design company in India. But this hiring is not an easy process because very often it has been found that clients have wasted a chunk of money by hiring some wrong or unprofessional designers for their project. This situation is quite annoying and frustrating because it can tarnish your brand image in the market. In this article, we are going to discuss how can you find efficient and outstanding graphic designers for your project.

Proceed only when you are ready for it: You can hire a graphic designer only when you have a clear business plan with you. Once you have an adequate idea of what your products or services are going to represent in the market and how they can address the problems, then you can enrol a graphic designer in your team. Because this will be quite frustrating if you change the entire brand identity once you got all the visual designs in your hand. So, before hiring a graphic designer, make sure you have a proper business plan and enough knowledge about your products or services.

Define what your project demands: Graphic design is a vast field and it comprises many sub-fields which have own set of skills. A logo designer is not suitable for a website designing task and vice-versa. Some subfields of graphic design are,
1. Logo and brand identity design
2. Website design
3. UI/UX design
4. Print design
5. Packaging or label design
6. Motion graphics
7. Icon design
8. Data visualization design
9. Typeface design
First, you need to identify which subfields your project demands. Once you have understood this, you can certainly hand-pick the right graphic designer for your dream project.

Find out the best graphic designer as per your need: One of the best ways to find out the best designer is to analyse the portfolio of the graphic designer. This will help you to understand his skills, knowledge, and specialization in a particular field.

  1. Portfolio platforms: These days, the markets are crammed with many portfolio platforms from where you will get the right talent for your project. This is one of the best and effective ways to find out the skilful graphic designers for your dream project. Portfolio platforms like Behance and Dribble are quite appreciated because they host plenty of creative and innovative works from various graphic designers. You can find and DM the most suitable candidate for your project by yourself for free or you can post a job ad where a candidate can apply and reach to you.
  2. Freelance design marketplace: Design marketplace is another effective way by which you can find many talented and specialist graphic designers. Once you host a project, the platform helps you to find out the most suitable candidate for your project. Toptal and Upwork are the two most common marketplaces where you will find many designers as per your requirement. But there are some drawbacks with these platforms.
    · Sometimes, you need to pay an extra amount to the platforms
    · Many classy and professional designers are not hanging out with these platforms.

Graphic Designer

Give complete freedom to your designer: An experienced designer has enough knowledge and aesthetic skills regarding graphic designing. Once you have hired him for your project, keep faith or trust in his expertise. Don’t try to restrict his skills or imagination by instructing him every phase of the design process. There is no point to tell him what colours he should use or what would be the size of the logo with other elements. Try to give freedom to your designer so that he can come up with some eye-catching and impeccable graphic designs which can accelerate the growth of your brand.

Are you planning to hire an outstanding graphic designer from a well-known graphic design company in India? Then stop wasting your time by looking at other resources rather you should consider the profile of Buttercup Advertising Studio. Buttercup holds an impressive portfolio when it comes to graphic designing. The company is crammed with many professional and astounding graphic designers who at first understand the requirement of the project and then, embrace you with some outstanding designs.

You can ask them for a quotation for your project or you can mail your query to their site. Their representative will certainly get back to you with some fruitful solutions. 


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