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on 19 Apr 2019

We all believe in the best first impression because it creates an image that impacts future interactions. When we talk about something like packaging designs, the first impression plays a vital role. The packaging design has sufficient information over it that tells some of the fast facts about the product inside it like the product name, price, and quantity. According to branding agency in Ahmedabad, attractive packaging design will influence the consumer in such a way that they will be inspired to buy it at just one glance. Here are some of the tricks you can follow to develop a better packaging design.

The Color Concept

The Color Concept

Colors have always given a unique identity to brands. The wing symbol in the statue of the Greek goddess of victory is a symbol of Nike. We can spot the white and sometimes black tick from a sufficient distance. That’s the power of color. Colors say more than the words on it do. Whenever we see yellow packaging, we know it will be Maggi or Cadbury when the color is purple. Colors help connect those people to your brand who couldn’t understand words. A child who can’t read the name Cadbury written on the wrapper will also recognize with its color.

Positioning Of Brand

Positioning Of Brand

Many entrepreneurs have done brand positioning with packaging design and have succeeded in effectively bringing the results. Remember that new iced coffee launch from Starbucks? Their team used a creative way to introduce the new product by reflecting both the user and the product. The design was kept simple with cool refreshing colors that straight away linked the user to the product, the iced coffee. The trick here is to maintain the image of the brand in the hearts of the consumer in addition to appealing them towards the new product.

Clever Messaging

Telling people about the features of your product is a good thing, but proving what you said, right at the same point goes a long way. The brand Festina introduced waterproof watches, and they not only told mentioned that these watches are waterproof but proved that with packaging. While selling, the watches were packed in the bags with distilled water. The public was left with nothing more to question than to trust. The message was delivered and that too smartly.

Product Process

Some packaged foods are incredibly delicious, and whenever we try making them at home, the taste doesn’t come out. Conveying the product preparing process has always been a great influence on consumers.

You might also have seen cooking instructions on uncooked or semi-cooked food for the real taste. The 2-minute Maggi got so much love from students and singles because of its easy to cook process displayed on the packaging itself. It showed just the easiest way to cook Maggi and today we all know that even the worst cook can prepare a good bowl of Maggi. That’s how the packaging process helps influence the market a lot.

Conveying The Perceived Value Of The Product

We all want to know the price of the product we are going to buy. Whenever we find something attractive, the first question in mind is about the price because we want to evaluate the quality. We want to analyze whether the product is worth or not. Most of the packages for children have the price written over the top. You might have also seen the previous price crossed and a discounted price displayed on the wrapper. Even if you are viewing something for the first time, the discount on the cost will attract. So, marking perceived value on the packaging design in such a way that it is visible in first glance makes a difference.


Happy businesswoman

The excitement thing could be easily understood with the launch of new products from previously established brands. Have you seen unboxing videos of Apple phones? The brand owner creates excitement before the launch of the product, and the user is excited to see the new product, and that’s what we call driving customers crazy. Every new product coming from a renown brand can get the benefit of this trick by smartly marketing the features of the new product.

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