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on 02 Apr 2019

Whatever is present, we believe that big is better. Bigger mountains, longer and broader rivers, bigger oceans, bigger fruits, and everything else. But, the same doesn’t apply in every case. Especially, when we are talking about logo designing, bigger isn’t better. A graphic design company in India will always advise you to go for a smaller one. You might think that bigger will pack more information, but that’s not always true. Big is an enemy when you are trying to design a powerful and reliable logo.

Why big isn’t better for mobile app logos

When we talk about why bigger isn’t better, it is more about mobile apps logo designing. Smaller logos tend to fit better as a mobile app logo, and that’s why you need to concentrate more on size. A logo is the tiniest identity of your brand that needs to convey maximum information but in a very simple and realistic way. The big sized or overcrowded logo is never going to help you achieve your goal because it will distract the attention. A little and clean logo interacts better and conveys more information.

Ways to design something better

Every business wants a logo that not only stays as the brand image of the company but also talks about the objective of the business. As a business owner, you might not understand the value of a small logo until you don’t experiment. Moreover, you will find that not only size but a number of other factors also hinder the impact and reliability of your logo. Many companies have experimented and concluded that not only the size of the logo but the size of font also plays an important role. Below are some of the most important parameters that you can follow to design a better logo.  

Stick to the original 16 colors pallet

With the advancement in technology over time, logo designers are provided with a wide variety of color options. The enhanced color depths and smoothness has increased choices, but some low factors of these new colors pull you back.

Earlier, there were only 16 standard colors that were of high quality. We suggest you stick to that original color pallet just because when it comes to logo designing, variety is the priority. The unique 16 color pallet is very much appreciated for better color hues consistently over the whole device.

Relatability is the best policy

Readability and reliability are two of the most important concepts of logo designing. A logo must be relatable for both business and the customers. The logo should convey the message of business and relate to everything it offers, and when we look at the audience’s side, the logo must refer to their needs. The logo must be connected to the parent brand in every aspect especially to the big size parent logo if the company has a different image for all sub-businesses of theirs.

Keep it simple and clean

Mobile phones are small devices, and that’s why the size matters a lot. Though creativity is an essential aspect of logo designing, too much elaboration can spoil everything. Like too much makeup makes you more weird than beautiful, too much decoration takes the logo far away from its primary purpose.

It takes a lot of efforts to use the 16 color pixels to design a creative, innovative, informative, relatable, readable, simple, clean, and unique logo. If you can make your logo stand out with all the above properties, you are doing it great. Logo designing is the art of balancing, you have to blend everything in the right proportion to create something perfect.

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