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on 16 Oct 2017

Farm byte that evokes feeling of pure and organic product

Project Scope: Logo Design, Tagline Solution, T shirt and Bag Design  

Farm Byte Logo Design

We designed the logo of Farmbyte Naming Solution for our client Mr. Harpal. From the very beginning of the project, we were clear about our approach to the logo. We had discussed it with Mr. Harpal beforehand and had come to a mutual decision of the type of logo that was to be made. We decided to create a minimalistic logo that would with a simple graphic design. We wanted to make something that would emphasize on the company’s branding as well as portray the ‘unique selling point’ or the USP of Farmbyte.

How we created the logo concept using our designing tools?

We are a graphic designing company in Ahmedabad that work with specific strategies and approaches. Our approach to this project was that we were trying to reflect the exact brand identity of Farmbyte in an aesthetic pictorial form. That is why we began with understanding the brand’s core philosophy. The brand is centred around the tagline “Taste of Purity – every byte is pure and tasty.” We decided to create a logo design accordingly. We decided to make something that would have an essence of purity, just like the brand products.

We first started looking for the exact organic colour that would be the core of the logo design. To find it, we scrutinised more than 100 logos.

After creating many rough drafts and sketches with innovative ideas and designing technology, we could finally come up with the brand logo. As mentioned, the logo reflects an organic or natural look. To make the logo further relevant with the brand, we even added a leaf and a B. The leaf reflects farm, while the B stands for byte.

How they used it for company branding?

Farmbyte Branding Design

The logo that we designed for Farmbyte was in every way the perfect reflection of the brand’s working and ideologies. Due to such an insightful and impactful design, they could use the logo in the various packaging designs for their products.

From advertisements to packaging to merchandise, the company made the logo their ultimate visual brand identity. This helped in better brand recognition for Farmbyte. The customers could easily connect the company with the logo and associate with the ideologies.


Working with Buttercup Advertising Studio was a really fruitful journey. The entire team is full of zeal and passion. They have a limitless amount of energy and are really innovative in what they do. We noticed that they used some of the finest designing technology currently available in the market. This really helped us have a unique and aesthetic logo.

The team has strong professional ethics which they always live up to. They are totally punctual and cooperative. Any company that is looking forward to getting a new logo designed should totally meet the Buttercup team. I am pretty sure they would come up with something innovative and practical for you

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