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on 02 May 2018

The Role Of Branding

Whenever someone steps into a new business, there is no assurance of success. The logo, branding, and marketing are the things that perform a major role in the success of any new corporation. A branding agency in ahmedabad helps you to establish a brand that reaches all heights of success. The famous brands whose products you use in your everyday life also had some struggling days but the efforts that their branding and marketing services did secure their position in the market. Here are some terms every business owner should know for a clear image of what branding does.

Defines your business

Your logo is a combination of words, colours, images, and symbols but it is not just a picture, it is the complete information of your product. The logo of Microsoft is one of the most appealing logos because the logo tells people the complete story itself. Your logo has the feel of your team spirit and hard work of your team that took your business to next level. A logo is the identity of products and services that you are offering. It shows that it’s you the one who serves good and whom people trust.

Marketing versus branding

Both marketing and branding are done for the good of a business but mixing the things can probably make the target hard to achieve. You invested in any product or service and then you start telling people about your services, you explain the benefits of opting for your services and sometimes show them with a demo, what’s it? It is marketing. Now the next term branding is also closely related to this, once you convince people for the goodness your services, they start recognising you with your brand name or the logo. And this is what we call branding.

What makes your brand good

A brand that targets a wide audience is a perfect brand, is that true? No, a brand that targets the right audience is a good brand. Opening up to your customers is the best thing you can do to make your brand favourite for your target audience. Your customers might want to know the history and struggle, and the mind behind the business.

Brand repositioning

Bios, tagline, logo, headshots, and other things related to your brand can be the reason of your business’s downfall if you don’t update them timely. No one likes the boring stuff, right? Something fresh, interesting, and updated keeps your customers attached to you. An example of brand repositioning is Nike, they started as a footwear business but as soon as they added more products to their business, the logo was also replenished. McDonalds changes their tagline in small time periods to keep their customers attracted.

The need of makeover

As the time passes, the mentality and thoughts of people change. The advertisements that seemed good a couple of years ago can be weird today and this is why sometimes a brand makeover. The man’s perfume Axe had a great makeover and yes, it was successful.

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