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on 18 Sep 2017

Beatitude, Beauty With Attitude

Beatitude Logo Design

Project Scope: Logo & Complete Brand Identity with Packaging design

Beatitude Logo Design

We designed the Beatitude logo for our client Mr. Anish Vatlani. Our continuous efforts on this project have helped us create one of our best designs till date. By making rigorous use of technology and innovation, we have been able to come up with a logo design that is in complete sync with Beatitude’s brand identity. We have kept the elements to be minimal and universal to make sure that it remains relevant to the brand’s image for many years to come.

How we created the logo concept using our designing tools?

A picture speaks 1000 words! Keeping this in mind, we make sure that every logo that we design speaks of the values and vision of the company. The first step to doing this is coming up with a concept that reflects the work identity of the brand.

We did this by drawing inspiration from the name of the company itself. We defined the logo as “beauty with attitude” which is basically the concept driving the company.

We began with an inspired mental picture of the logo. Then we continued to make it aesthetically more pleasing and professional looking by using the various best designing tools in the market.

How they used it for company branding?

Since the logo design was in complete sync with the brand’s work, reputation and values, it could easily assist them in a lot of branding strategies. From inculcating it in the brand’s packaging designs, newspaper advertisement, banner advertisement etc… to making it the official image of the company everywhere, this logo became Beatitude’s identity.

Thus, like any efficient logo, ours helped Beatitude establish themselves as a brand amongst their target audience.


After contacting various logo design teams, we were quite apprehensive about finding the right one. Since our company had a unique business plan, we wanted a team who could efficiently transform it into a logo. After contacting the Buttercup team members and going through their past work, we were quite satisfied and began working with them.

Unlike other companies that we saw and briefly worked with, Buttercup seemed the most promising to us. They were not in a hurry to get done with our project by giving us a generic logo. They took their time to understand the values, ideas and working of our company.

Once they were done with that, they came up with a basic design and asked for our opinions. According to our response, they understandingly made a few revisions and helped us get a logo just the way we wanted it to be. I must say that the Buttercup team is really friendly, cooperative and above all, talented. I am more than satisfied with what I have got for my company and would totally look forward to work with them in future as well.  

– Ashish Vatlani

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