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on 17 Sep 2018

The logo is used as the identity of a company. It is a short, yet information-rich introduction of a company. According to logo design company India, innovative logos are reflection of the time of the designing of logo.

Your logo must fulfill both the uniqueness and trend criteria, and that’s why we have listed top 9 latest logo designing trends of 2018.

1. Contextual and responsive logos

It’s time to give equal importance to the context of the logo. From business cards to posters, and offline advertising to promotional videos, the logo can be added to everything related to the business. A contextual and responsive logo can help you increase the sales, how? Your marketer will tell you.

2. Architecture inspired logos

Capturing the architectural landmarks of the business and presenting the concept of the physical infrastructure of the company through visual graphics can make everything so unique and innovative. The resultant logo created in this way is creative, relatable, and personalized.

3. Fun (creating emotions and vibe)

Emotions and vibe are the best way to make people feel connected. You can choose a cute character, add bright colors, and positive vibes to combat some of the negative aspects. Funny and exciting symbols take the attention of the viewer away from things that you don’t want to show.

4. Exploring metaphors to the extreme

Today, logo and innovation are like two faces of a single coin. Metaphors are a common thing in designing logos but do you know what increased their use in the recent time? The desire for more creativity and curiosity to develop something unique has increased their value.

5. Experimenting with typography

The techniques that we have from past are easy to experiment and create something new. Using photographic methods, new typographic shapes can be developed by making both minor and major changes. 2018 is the year of experiments, and the trend is more focused on producing unique out of existing designs.

6. Grid-based logo designs

The grid is not a new technique of logo designing, in fact, it is one of the most effective ones. It has made it easy to portray both logic and theory in one go. It compiles perfection and control in the logo. We have a lot number of designs earlier on the same technique, and in this year, we are expecting more. The alteration of existing models and methods can help us get some better results.

7. Experimenting with pattern and color

Using patterns with shapes to reveal some unsaid things has always been sophisticated. The layering and masking of colors and patterns give huge room for experimenting and results in subtle creations.

8. Pairing typography with monograms

Letter spacing and typeface are latest thing to consider for designers. The creations are beautiful and satisfying. With a careful choice of modernized characters, the brand can be made a best fit for current time.

9. Explore and experiment with fundamental geometric shape

Geometrical shapes are a new trend to follow more in 2018. It is like using complexity to design logos with easy readability. The shapes put an immediate impact on the viewer’s mind, isn’t this our goal is?

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