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on 27 Feb 2023

The importance of a website is simply undeniable in this competitive era as it is the most important marketing tool which portrays your impression and credibility in front of your target customers. If you want to boost the conversion rate of your site, you should go for an effective website design which will not only help you to reach out to the right audience but also improve your conversion rate. Many marketers give priority to other things like SEO, social media, lead generation, etc. to improve the conversion rate, hence building an excellent website is often overlooked by them.

An impeccably designed website is not just a pretty face, well it can build or break your conversion rate. A study was conducted by Stanford University and according to them, 46.1% of people say a website’s design is one of the important criteria to decide whether a company is credible or not. If you want to attract or impress your customers with a beautifully crafted website design, you should hire a reputed graphic design company in India. Because most of the reputed graphic design firms usually follow some rules or principles which will give an immediate or sustainable boost in conversions.

Let’s take a look at some of the principles that will boost conversion rates on your site.

1. Hick’s Law: This rule was invented by the famous British psychologist William Edmund Hick. As per the law, the time it takes for a person to make a decision is directly proportionate to the possible choices he or she has. In other words. If a person gets plenty of choices, then the decision time is also increased. Hence, an expert design company will boost up your conversion rate by limiting the number of choices users have.

Hick's Law

2. Always respect user’s patient: people are very impatient especially when it comes to internet surfing. A study was conducted by the Aberdeen Group and according to them, even one-second delay in page load time results in a 7% reduction in conversions. This means every second matter when it comes to page loading speed. You should check your site’s speed and troubleshoot any issue so that there is no delay while loading the pages.
3. Use negative space: In website design, negative space or white space is all the empty spaces between all the elements of your site. Negative spaces play an important role in your website design as these spaces make your content readable and legible. In other words, negative spaces improve the conversion rate of your site.
4. Use high-quality images: Low-quality images can drag down the quality of your website or a piece of content. These days, customers prefer visual content or images over than simple texts. If you incorporate high-quality and compelling images into your website, then you will get an average of 94% more views. That’s why always use source high-quality photos instead of using bland images if you want to improve the conversion rate of your site.
5. Consider F layout: A plethora of researches have claimed that a user usually read the screen in an “F” pattern when he browses the web. This is the natural behaviour of the users. Professional graphic design companies take advantage of this behaviour. They usually place all the important content and call to actions in the “F” pattern so that they can never be ignored by the users. All other contents (less important) are placed in lower visibility area.
6. Colour matters: Colour is an important parameter in website design, but it is often underrated. While selecting a colour scheme for your website, always choose a combination because this can convey the emotions which your brand wants to portray. The right colours can improve the conversions of your site.

Web Design

7. Follow K.I.S.S: K.I.S.S refers to “Keep it simple, stupid”. While designing a website, always try to keep it simple if you want to improve the conversion rate. Because simpler things are not only aesthetically pleasing but also, they improve your conversions.
8. Use real-life scenarios: If you want to make your website more engaging and familiar, then always include real-life scenarios like case studies, images, videos, articles, etc. in pages, particularly in the landing page. All these can boost your conversion and make your website more trustworthy.

These are the top 8 design principles that you should use wisely to boost up conversion rates on your website.

Are you looking for an eminent graphic design company in India who follows all these principles to create an eye-catching website? Take a look at the profile of Buttercup Advertising Studio. Buttercup is a reputed company which has established itself strongly in the field of graphic and website design. The company has a pool of talented graphic designers who will help you in making an aesthetic website that will successfully meet your business purpose and needs.

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