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on 09 Jan 2019

Professional Design Processes

No matter how creative and intelligent you are and how simpler the needs of your client, you always need to work hard to accomplish a good designing job. There is still something more important than creativity, and that’s what we call time management. You can’t really spend a lot number of days to complete a single job, and that’s where the tips from top graphic design company in india come to your rescue. Apart from thorough research and multiple revisions, there are some more critical steps to give your best in every project. Here are top 7 things to follow while designing for your professional partner.

Understand your client

The first part of the process is understanding the needs of your client. Ask questions about the company, project, and the services so that you can successfully convey the desired message. Don’t forget to make your own list of things that you think should be covered. Highlight everything like taglines, types of graphics, and the thoughts and ideas behind the design. Share it with everyone related to the project so that the client can also have a look that everything is okay with it.

You can’t forget the research part

The research part must be done in three parts. The first thing you have to do is research about the company and its aims — the history of company and client, their goals, and the trends related to the industry. Next, research their targeted audience. You can divide the audience as per age group, language, geographical location, gender, or even income depending on the type of service. The third thing is inspirations for your design, do it better.

Don’t underestimate the power of brainstorming

As soon as you get over a project, your mind starts producing ideas, and this is the time you can’t waste. List down every thought that hit your mind, and you will find that you have quite a lot of good ideas. Earlier some of them can seem useless, but while going for a final design, mixing other ideas will help create something better. Whatever way you keep a record, in the form of maps, list, or rough sketches, make sure you have all the concepts saved so that you can use them whenever you need.

The practice time, sketching time

This is the time when your potential shows up. Sometimes, it is hard to understand the beauty of design until it’s on the sheet. From the list of concepts and research, you will come up with a number of ideas that you can sketch and see what seems better. You will get a better idea of shape, size, color, and even type when you start sketching. No wonder if you love a design on paper which you earlier discarded.

Develop the concept

The development part is a crucial step. You have to develop your favorite or say potential idea fairly so that you can present them to your client for approval. It is recommended to design at least 3,4 design which can be increased or decreased according to the needs of clients and number of concepts you have. Give a final look and present among your client plus make sure you explain the idea behind each design thoroughly so that the client can understand that better. Don’t think that the models that don’t get selected will be best, because you will find that the client will love something from each one and the final version will be a mix of nearly all of them.

The revision time

Don’t only rely on what client needs because since you are the designer you know the things better. Suggest them and follow the process of mix and match according to the final decision of both of you. Well, you can’t expect approval in the second round only, the revisions series can last longer too, but now your ideas have developed and just need the perfect shape, so there is nothing to worry about.

Completion and results

Okay, the client wants a little change, go for it, and you will have the approval in no time. The completed project is a step towards the ultimate goal of your life, and you can look for other steps now.

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