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on 01 Jul 2019

In this steep competitive market, every brand is looking for some convincing and fruitful ways which will help them to stay ahead of their contenders. To enhance their customer base, every brand is opting for compelling and engaging designs and that’s why they are employing the best graphic designers in their core team. Once you will able to understand how your designs will make a great impact on your audience, you will definitely come up with some eye-catching and enthralling designs which will help you to get easily noticed by your customers. Now, you can hire efficient and creative graphic designers from a reputed graphic design company in India who will help you in making some impeccable designs.

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These days, graphic designs play an imperative role in your marketing and branding efforts. To illustrate this statement, we are going to mention some important statistics from design and marketing organizations that every business should know if they want to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Let’s check out all the statistics.

  1. Users are preferring visually appealing content: A research was conducted by Quick Sprout in 2019 and they have claimed that your users don’t visit your site if they had a bad experience with its look. These days, most of the users are looking for those websites which have visually appealing content. If your website looks ugly and gaudy, you may lose one-third of your potential customers. If this happened, you may face a huge loss in this competitive market. That’s why you should understand the value of good website design and invest wisely on it. Try to embrace your customers with good website design so that they can enjoy navigating and can visit and stay loyal to you.
  2. Visuals are an important part of your campaigns: In 2018, MicroCreatives Infographic has noticed that visuals play an imperative role in the success of your marketing campaign. A plethora of statistics has claimed that design elements like colour and graphics help a person to remember all the important information for a prolonged period. You can incorporate some graphs, images, layout and a chunk of other visuals into your design approach. All these will add great value to your campaign. Always include high-quality visuals in your branding across all communication channels.
  3. The consistent design will enhance your profit and recognition: in 2017 Lucid Press report has claimed that you should follow a consistent design to represent your brand in all communication channels. Because this will enhance your revenue and recognition. If you want to maintain your brand, try to use a similar set of colours, fonts, look, and feel in all places. This visual consistency (brand identity) accelerates your brand recognition among the users. Brand consistency also avoids confusion among your users as they can easily recognize your brand. Stay consistent in every communication channel including print media, social media, website, and in personalized items.
  4. Visuals are important for B2B markets: A study which is conducted by Content Marketing Institute in 2017 has claimed that B2B marketers always give priority to the visuals. So, you should spend some extra money in order to create aesthetically appealing graphics whenever you want to represent your brand in the market.brand design
  5. Content is consumed on multiple devices: In 2016 Google Research has claimed that more than 85 per cent of adult people usually read content on multiple devices at the same time. This means you should optimize your brand design properly so that it works well on all the devices including smartphone, iPhones, laptops, and desktop computers. Before launching, you should test and see how your brand design looks and performs on each device. Always go for responsive design so that your website can give the best user experience across all screens.
  6. B2B marketers prefer infographics: Content Marketing Institute has claimed (in 2017) that nearly 65 per cent of B2B marketers love infographics. These days, infographics are an integral part of visual content. B2B marketers are incorporating high-quality visuals into their infographic and branding strategies. Because they believe that if they present their data in this way, they can easily explain the information in more succinctly and precisely.brand design
  7. Original graphics work best: In 2019 Venngage survey of online marketers has claimed that original graphics always perform best and generates more traffic. Though beautiful design work is always compelling and eye-catching, still, original artwork has its own charm and magic. Thus, always use original artwork and give your designer the freedom so that he can create something exclusive and unique for you instead of relying on stock photography.

These are seven important brand design statistics that every business owner should remember. A beautiful graphic design is the secrete of your brand’s success. So, implement these statistics into your brand design and see some amazing results within a short span.

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