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on 10 Jul 2019

Building a brand is one of the important things that every business owner is focusing to stay competitive in this market. When you are planning to build a brand for your business, you need a professional and impeccable logo which will not only add value to your brand but also gives an identity to your business. You also need to make sure that your logo should be convincing and eye-catching enough so that it can easily be recalled by your customers.

logo design mistake

Creating a logo is a very facile and simple job these days as the markets are crammed with many designing tools and programmes. You can also hire some professional and skilful logo designers from a reputed graphic design company in India for your project. Unfortunately, there are still some cases when your hired graphic designers commit some common sets of mistakes which can make logos unsightly and gaudy.

Here, we are mentioning some common logo design problems that your business may face. You should tell your designers to avoid these mistakes in order to create an eye-catching and compelling logo.

  1. Bad lines in the logo: A graphic designer should carefully modify or draw all the letters and design elements within a logo. All the lines and points should be smooth within a logo and should maintain the transition cleanly throughout the logo. Take a look at the below logo design, you will notice how a line within a letter does not have a proper curve to it. This is a common issue in poorly created logos. It is true that logo files comprise many points and lines. When your logo is small, these imperfections are not noticeable. But if you enlarge the logo, all these issues become more prominent and problematic. You should hire an efficient graphic designer who can easily fix the curves and lines of the logo.logo design mistake
  2. The missing font in Logo: A graphic designer can use any font to create your logo. If your graphic designer uses a particular font in your logo and unfortunately, you don’t have that font in your computer, then it is known as a missing font.  A missing font can easily get substituted by another font which is available on the computer. This is another big problem as it prevents anyone who doesn’t have that font in their machines to see the logo properly. An efficient graphic designer can fix this problem. An imperative step in the logo design process is to “outline” the letters which are used in the logo. In this way, they can become a piece of artwork rather than letters. Once this process is completed, it is not reversible which means you no longer need a font to view and reproduce the logo.
  3. Too many Fonts: Sometimes working with multiple fonts can be challenging and intriguing. But if anyone who tries to read something that changes font 5 times in a paragraph, then this could be annoying and irritating. So, the experts suggest not to use three fonts in a single layout. It would be better if you choose only one or two fonts in your logo design. A single font always adds continuity and flow to your design.
  4. Relying too much on colour: Colours play an important role while creating logos. Because colours can make your simple logos more appealing and vivacious. But don’t rely on these colours much because you may ignore certain aspects on your logo which can boost your brand identity. Thus, it is always recommendable to choose a black and white colour or a single colour while you are planning to create a logo for your business.
  5. Improper alignment of logo elements: A graphic designer often use letters or design elements to create impeccable logos. Though they have the capacity and control in the alignment of things, still, in some cases, there could be a possibility that something doesn’t align properly as it should. You can’t identify this mistake with smaller sizes but once the logo is enlarged, this issue can become more prominent and visible. A graphic designer can fix this alignment issue by using a snap-to-grid or snap-to-guide feature which is available in Adobe Creative Cloud software.
  6. The incorrect logo file format: The incorrect logo file format is another common problem of logo design. Most graphic designers use Raster logo (.jpg) rather than a vector logo (.eps). A .jpg logo can be fine if the resolution goes high. Moreover, it doesn’t require being produced on a colour or transparent background. But vector logos offer a chunk of options to the graphic designers. You can even save the artwork easily to another file format. You can enlarge or reduce a vector logo infinite times without hampering its quality.

Hope, the above article gave you an idea about some common logo design mistakes that you should avoid if you want to create wonderful logos for your business.

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