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on 06 Mar 2019

The logo has the capability to either make or break the business. Yes, you heard it right. A logo can influence the business a lot because it is capable of telling the entire story of your business. The logos are the ones that capture the attention of customer’s first, so it is important to design them in a unique way possible. The small business owners face a lot of hassle when it comes to logo designing, and this article has some tips that will help you in the logo design.

Learn the Basic Rules of Logos

You can hire a graphic design company in India to carry out the logo designing process for your business, but if you are planning to design the entire logo by yourself, then you should learn some of the basic rules of logo designing. You can take online classes or approach someone who is already well versed with logo designing to get some pointers and rules on how to start the entire designing process. Learning about the logo designing and the rules associated with it will help you even though if you outsource the work. You will understand how this entire thing works, and you know what to expect from the designer at the same time.

Keep it Simple

A logo is something that depicts your company to the customers. No one would even care to remember if your logo is hard to understand or read. Complex logos are often misunderstood so make sure that the logo is simple and unique.

Try Visual Double Entendre

This is the latest trend in logo designing. Visual Double Entendre means nothing but blending two different things into one to provide a better understanding for the viewer. Usually, the double entendre has a logo as well as text with it. You can consider this text as a slogan too.

Make Smart Choices When it Comes to Colors

The colors are the first thing that attracts any person in the logo. It is important to make a smart choice when it comes to the colors. Make sure to use the colors that are good to look and gives a pleasant feel for the customers. The logo should also help in making a clear and beautiful representation of your business.

Avoid Cliché

The small businesses should have a logo that helps them to stand out from others. This is the reason why you have to avoid all kinds of cliché. Do not follow usual standards for these logos like a bulb for ideas and a lightning bolt for innovation. These have already been overused and are kind of old. So think unique.

Know About Your Brand

You won’t be able to design the perfect logo without knowing about your brand perfectly. Get a hold on your business and check out your competitors. If you do not know clearly about your business, you won’t be able to design a logo that represents it perfectly.

Typeface Matters

If you observe the logos of any established companies, you will understand how effective they are. For example, Facebook starts with small ‘f’ and similarly Microsoft has a unique typeface for their brand. This way you can create your own typeface or choose the one from the existing designs.

Typeface Matters

Consider Symmetry or Proportion

If you want your logo to be beautiful and different, you have to consider so many points. The symmetry and proportion of your logo play an important role. The logos with structured look have more impact on the customers when compared to normal logos.

Take care of Negative Space

The negative space in the logo will have a greater influence on the customers, so you have to think of a way to use this negative space effectively. Consider the FedEx logo, the white space between ‘E’ and ‘x’ is used to make an arrow that depicts the business.

Opt for Active Logos

The active logos are the ones that look like they are moving and the best example for this is the Amazon logo. There is an arrow from ‘A’ to ‘Z.’ This arrow gives an active look for the entire logo.

Know Your Audience

This is the tip that you have to consider even before you start designing the logo. You should be aware of your target audience in order to craft a logo that will attract them.

These are the tips that will aid small businesses to design a logo. Take feedback from people in order to make sure that you hadn’t missed anything big but do not modify the logo when a person says so. Just consider the feedback but do not get carried away with other person’s opinion.

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